‘Warby Parker’ – Eyewear with a Purpose

Active consumer engagement requires some effort. To attract the clients companies have to move from ‘product centric approach’ to a ‘customer centric approach’. In order to acquire the customer, companies must be attractive and reliable.

A good example is an American company ‘Warby Parker’ that sells boutique-quality prescription eyewear and sunglasses through their website, store and showrooms. Few days ago nominated as one of the most innovative companies in retail (according to Fast Company), ‘Warby Parker’ offers a unique concept of designing the eyewear and present it to customers.


The cover of the company’s website

To begin with, ‘Warby Parker’ designs glasses in-house and sells directly (to avoid retail markups). They charge lower price (starting from 95$), because the in-house design enables eliminating licensing fees. The company does not sell glasses through third party retailers, whose markups might be double or triple prices. This distribution channel model makes the company unique.

Company’s ‘Home-Try-On’ program allows customers to choose five different frames from the website, which they receive to try on at home for five days, free of charge. After selecting a pair (or none), customer has to purchase the selected item on their website and it will be shipped right over. The return shipping of 5 ‘Home-Try-On’ frames is free.


‘Home-Try-On’ program

This company also pays a lot of attention to the charity. ‘We partner with non-profits like VisionSpring to ensure that for every pair of glasses sold, a pair is distributed to someone in need. We’re building a company to do good in the world’. Almost 1 billion people don’t have access to glasses, meaning that 15% of world’s population is unable to effectively learn or work. Furthermore, ‘Warby Parker’ design glasses according to the style and needs of the communities where they are distributed. They ensure that it is what people actually want to wear and this helps to maintain the dignity of the beneficiaries and ensure that glasses will actually be used.


Charity program ‘Buy a pair, give a pair’

‘Warby Parker’ communicates with consumers in probably all possible ways. They have accounts in Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, where they directly communicate with the clients, publish announcements about new glasses, events, promotions and other activities. Herewith, they encourage active customer participation – they ask questions, look for advice or simply leave comments. ‘Warby Parker’ assures fast and informative reply to everybody. Company maintains a blog, where they constantly upload articles about fashion, creative people and interesting events. All these communication channels prove that company is keen on socializing with its customers, ready to present the newest information and stay transparent.

Company offers a possibility to purchase a gift card and send it directly to the recipient via email or by mail. They ensure that the recipient will receive it in 2 days. Moreover, the gift card doesn’t have an expiration date, so a person won’t be afraid to forget to use it.



Company’s communication with customers on Facebook

‘Warby Parker’ consider their stakeholders in every decision they make. Company tries to create a funny and memorable consumption experience for customers, works hard on establishing the flourishing professional environment for their employees; also actively works on remaining environmentally friendly company – it is one of the only carbon-neutral fashion brands in the world.

I think that this company is a great example how a small start up with an awesome idea is able to evolve into a strong and reliable company only in a few years (company was founded in 2010!).

Jurgita Kanaukaite (388064)

Links: http://www.warbyparker.com/




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