Creating 360 degrees immersive experience

Creating 360 degrees immersive experience

More and more companies are trying to discover new ways of creating customer value through creative exploration. Digital technology is a significant tool to exploit those discoveries and enhance human experience.  A great example is Augmented Reality (AR) which brings people closer to real world environment.  It is a cutting-edge technology and creates a special user experience because it expands customer’s capability for sensing.


IKEA is one of the companies that have taken advantage of the power that digital technology offers. IKEA catalog uses augmented reality to give a virtual preview of furniture in a room.  Every customer before purchase furniture especially a new couch or a bookcase should first measure accurately the three distances in order to buy the proper furniture. But unfortunately, the measures are not always accurate as result customers to make wrong purchase decision.  Also, because customers who buy IKEA’s furniture are obliged to assemble them alone, may become more frustrated when they realize that the furniture is not adequate for the intended location. Having realized this problem IKEA made the next step by giving the opportunity to potential customers to sense environments that they don’t even exist.


How it works?

Thanks to augmented reality customers can now imagine exactly how the furniture will fit to their homes with the help of a printed catalogue, a mobile app and a smartphone or tablet.  It’s not difficult for customers to use this new service as customers the only thing they have to do is to download IKEA catalogue app, look for the plus-sign symbol and scan the Catalogue page with their smartphone or tablet.  Customers have the convenience to view 3D, for instance their new sofa which are desired to buy and have tips and ideas on how to décor the room.

In that way IKEA increases customers shopping experience. Augmented reality creates fun and excitement for all members of the family. Last but not least, augmented reality gives a solution to the continuum concern of customers if the new product is going to match harmoniously with the rest furniture of the room. 


Finally, a video where you can understand better how augmented reality works. Enjoy!!


1) Kim C. Korn, and B. Joseph Pine II, (2011),”The Typology of Human Capability: A New Guide to Rethinking the Potential for Digital Experience Offerings”, Strategy & Leadership,39(4), 35-40.


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