Protection and design in one

De rising of the smartphone has offered a lot of benefits and opportunities for consumers. A smartphone makes it for example possible to pay with your phone, search on the internet and keep your social media up to date. These are just a couple of benefits of using a smartphone. Compared to the earlier mobile phones, the use of the smart phone have broadened and increased significantly. For that reason, a smart phone has a lot of benefits compared to using a ‘normal’ mobile phone.

On the other hand, the use of a normal mobile one has one big advantage, they don’t break that easy. Compared to a normal mobile phone, the screen of a smart phone is very fragile. When a smart phone falls on the ground, you better pray that the screen did not break. For that reason, a lot of consumers buy a protecting case. This case protects a smart phone when it hits the ground.

There is a wide variety of different smart phone cases. You have them in one color, with a picture, of plastic or rubber and there are even cases that also can be used as wallet.

Smart phones have become an important tool in the life of the consumer. For this reason a lot of smart phone owners want to protect their smart phone on a good way. Besides the protection that a case offers, the design of the case is also important. Because of the central role that a smart phone has within the life of the consumer, the consumer wants to have an original case that differs from other people. They want to show off with their smart phone.

For this type of consumers, offers a solution. makes it possible to design your own smart phone case. In the first step you choose the type of smart phone that you have. This is needed to ensure that the case fits your smart phone. After this step, the consumer can start designing his own smart phone case. offers the following options:

– The customer can upload a picture as background of the smart phone case;

– The customer can choose a background color;

– The customer can add text on the smart phone case;

– The customer can add symbols like hearts and stars to the smart phone case.

– Lastly, the customer can get a preview of his own designed case.

After the design fase, the costumer can pay with Ideal. The order will then be cost free delivered to an address of choice. The order will arrive within 5 days. The cases of cost around 15 euro. This is a similar price for a normal, not custom made, smart phone case. makes it possible to stand out of the crowd with your self-designed smart phone case and that for a price as high as a normal smart phone case! I think that sounds like a successful formula. Until three days ago I did not know that this website exists. For that reason I wonder of this may change in the future.

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