Now creating apps is a piece of cake…

Create your own app: Conduit mobile

Mobile applications include everything nowadays. The App economy is showing huge growth and attracts interest of worldwide technology companies who seek new business opportunities. Analyst estimates for downloads of apps in 2013 range from 56 to 82 billion. By the end of 2014 there will be more mobile devices on Earth than people. More and more people are using mobile apps for their everyday tasks because is more convenient while have their smart phones all day in their palms. For that reason, mobile advertising is the new trend and for every business is a must to have its own mobile application in order to stay competitive and continue attracting more customers.

But until now, making a mobile app for your business could be done only by cooperating with a professional with coding skills. You should spend hours with the programming team, explaining them exactly how do you imagine your app and giving them feedback in every step.  Therefore it was a costly and time-consuming process and you were never sure for the result until it was done.

But then came Conduit and changed the game

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They transformed the demanding process of creating a mobile app, that until then it could be done only by a professional developer, into an easy for anyone process. Conduit mobile offers the opportunity for everyone to create a customized mobile app in just a couple of clicks without any previous knowledge. Knowing what you want for your business is all that is required. They achieve that, by creating a customer friendly web site that guides the customer in every step simplifying the process as much as possible. They provide default choices, they give examples of successful apps and provide a large variety of how to videos in order to teach you to do it by yourself!


For the creation process you can use a palette of online options. At First there is an easy to use and code free app editor that helps you find and create content for your app. During app creation the editor scans the web and automatically creates 6 app pages based on the content found. Then is quick and easy to customize your app’s content. Moreover you can customize the style, appearance and info of your app. Of course there are limits in customization but the available options are more than enough.

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Every change is instantly dispayed in an app simulator showing exactly how your app will look and perform. So you know for sure that the final product is going to be exactly as desired.

By creating a user friendly environment Conduit achieved to transform a formerly complex procedure into an easy and enjoyable process.

Go mobile Grow mobile!


Dimosthenis Kefallontis (387019)

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