Now creating apps is a piece of cake…

Create your own app: Conduit mobile

Mobile applications include everything nowadays. The App economy is showing huge growth and attracts interest of worldwide technology companies who seek new business opportunities. Analyst estimates for downloads of apps in 2013 range from 56 to 82 billion. By the end of 2014 there will be more mobile devices on Earth than people. More and more people are using mobile apps for their everyday tasks because is more convenient while have their smart phones all day in their palms. For that reason, mobile advertising is the new trend and for every business is a must to have its own mobile application in order to stay competitive and continue attracting more customers. Continue reading Now creating apps is a piece of cake…

Mini-case Demand Driven Supply Chain

Along time ago the supply chain of companies looked very much like the model below, which is the traditional retail model. In the traditional retail model standardization is the norm, which means that products are mass produced at the manufacturing plant and then sent to the distribution centers. Afterwards the products are distributed to the stores where consumers can purchase them and then consume them. Because the strategy is based on standardization, no distinction is made between consumers and each product that is manufactured has the same design and undergoes the exact same production process and is afterwards distributed to every consumer in the same fashion. Continue reading Mini-case Demand Driven Supply Chain

Recommendations from

Image is an online retail store that sells a multitude of different products ranging from electronic goods to books and lawn products to animal food. Besides its very wide variety of products, is also very well known for its product recommendation system.

For example: when I go on the website and search for a new PlayStation controller, the website immediately recommends other products, like a charging system or a camera. This generates a lot of value for the consumer, because it helps consumers find products Continue reading Recommendations from

Customer centricity – mini case

Customer centricity

Customer centricity has become more popular or even necessary over the past few years. Companies went from a product centered to a customer centered way of thinking. They became increasingly more aware of the need to increase focus on customer related factors as perceived by the customer, such as customer satisfaction, customer service, customer loyalty and quality. In other words, the essence of the customer centric paradigm lies not in how to sell the product but rather on creating value for the customer. It therefore focuses on  meeting the needs of individual customers. Continue reading Customer centricity – mini case