Brand Communities

What is a brand community and what characteristics its members share?


A brand community is a non-geographically community that is based on a set of social relations among the admirers of a brand (Muniz and O’Guinn 2001).

  1. Consciousness of kind, which means that members have a special bond and connection between one another. This relation is more than the shared attitudes and similarities. Continue reading Brand Communities

An ice cold experience

Do you recognize.. you are sitting at home on the couch with friends and you are thinking about what to do. You do not want to do something ordinary. It should be something different, something you have never done before. In brief, a REAL and new experience. Again a drink in the café around the corner? BORING… In Amsterdam they offer a solution or anyway something different.

In 2006 Ditems Entertainment Group established the first ice bar in the Netherlands, called XtraCold Amsterdam. The bar is located in the center of Amsterdam near to the Amstel. The bar differentiate itself from other random bars, because it is probably one of the coldest bars where you will ever be. The temperature is minus ten degrees. In the ice bar Continue reading An ice cold experience

Peer to Peer Networks

According to Wasko and Faraj, peer-to-peer networks are ‘self-organizing, open activity systems focused on shared practice that exists primarily through computer mediated communication’ (1). Some of the most popular and successful networks are those focused on finding solutions, exchanging best practices, building expertise, and those that also manage to generate meaningful social relationships (2).

One of the two networks we examine in our research is the Apple Support Community (3). It was created to provide support to Apple users, where they can ask questions about technical issues, but also share tips for a more in-depth experience of Apple products.  The other network we selected is Reddit, which is a community run by its users (4). It has Continue reading Peer to Peer Networks