A Lot of people face the common problem of buying fake e-tickets online. This also happened to me once. I was searching for festival tickets and made contact with a vendor though Facebook, I paid her for the e-ticket, but I never received the tickets. After this incident I wasn’t that eager anymore to buy tickets online, but last summer a discovered the possibilities of Ticketswap. This website offers security with the trading of secondhand e-tickets.

Ticketswap is online platforms where customers can buy or sell their e-tickets for festivals, concerts and other events. Ticketswap offers extra security with the trading of e-tickets. Vendors are assured they receive their money and the buyers on the other hand are guaranteed of receiving the e-tickets in their mailbox directly after purchase.

How it works?
The vendor uploads her or his e-ticket (PDF file), determines a selling price and an account will be created automatically. Buying customers can easily search for tickets on the website by selecting the particular event; all available offers will be visible. The buyer pays online with iDEAL and receives the e-tickets directly after the payment. The vendor gets informed when the particular e-ticket is sold. Ticketswap informs its customers by mail and a text message and vendors will receive their money within two days after seller a ticket.

The vendors are assured of receiving their money and buyers are guaranteed of their purchase. The trading includes fair pricing; the maximum selling price is 120% of the original price ticket price. Ticketswap also helps its customers with promoting their offer, so tickets could be sold as soon as possible. 

Safety measures 
Ticketswap tries to ensure the safety of the ticket trading, the website uses the following safety measures:

  • The tickets got checked on location, price, date, and etcetera
  • Vendors are required to log in with their Facebook account, so the buyers know for whom they are buying a ticket. 
  • Ticketswap checks the bank account numbers on internet fraud
  • All bar codes are scanned and checked on double placement.
  • After a sale the vendor will be rated. When a vendor receives a positive rating, this rating will be visible for others. If the rating turns out to be negative, Ticketswap will block the account of the vendor and start investigate what went wrong. If Ticketswap doesn’t find a solution for this problem, the particular vendor’s account will be removed from the website. It won’t be possible anymore to buy tickets from this vendor.
  • The personal information (name, bank account number, telephone number and e-mail) about vendors is available for Ticketswap.

Ticketswap calculates a fee of five percent for providing the platform, service and safety. This fee will be deducted from the sales price and the remaining amount will be transferred to bank account of the vendor.

Customer involvement
Ticketswap provides an interaction between customers; the platform is used to connect vendors and buyers. This interaction can satisfy both needs. I sold and bought several tickets with the help of Ticketswap. It’s a very quick and safe way to buy tickets. The tickets are also reasonable priced. The website is user-friendly and navigates you easily to the event you’re looking for.

I do think there is still one limitation that isn’t fully covered yet. The buying customer isn’t guaranteed that the vendor won’t use the ticket himself. The vendor could still use this ticket before you arrive at the event. I think this is a limitation that is very difficult to cover, because the vendor could always keep a copy of the ticket.


Robin Hofman


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