Customers act like workers


Although we are far away from summer, most of us in our leisure time we make plans for next summer vacations. One of the things that come in our minds except from the exotic beaches, the clear waters and the golden sand is what kind of swimwear we are going to wear.

If you want to feel special, fashionable and comfortable when you are at the beach may you should visit Hurley is related with youth lifestyle and surfing. The brand last year unveiled the Phantom Fused 3 which is a comfortable and innovative boardshort made by recycled materials.  What’s more, Hurley like his parent brand Nike Continue reading Customers act like workers

A spectacular way of customer involvement


Entertaining or amusing.. these are the first words that might come to mind when seeing various television commercials. Commercials are often funny and sometimes imaginative, but  can firms met the expectations created in these commercials? Dutch telecom provider KPN leaves nothing to chance after broadcasting the 4G television campaign and involved the customers in an original way to test it.

The campaign
In the summer of 2013 the 4G network covered half of the Netherlands. KPN started a huge campaign to promote the 4G principle. The telecommunication service provider Continue reading A spectacular way of customer involvement – Making fans part of the artistic process


The concept of fans funding their favorite artists generally means artists raising money from friends and family. ArtistShare has taken the fan-based fundraising to a global level. Artists now can connect with fans all over the world. The platform connects artists with fans in order to fund the creation of new artistic work. In exchange for  funding a project, the fan will get an insider’s look at the creative process.

ArtistShare is the first Internet fan funding platform for artists, founded in 2001. Its business model allows artists to fund their projects directly through their fan base. ArtistShare is not only about music, any sort of creative work fits in the model. The Continue reading – Making fans part of the artistic process



Kunsthal, a Rotterdam museum, has employed the crowd for their next exhibition. The project is called Kunsthal MaakMee and started on May 14th with the first steps.

The project was structured as follows:  participants had to answer 14 questions with which the entire exhibition would be created, but first they had to choose between three ideas that collaborating musea pitched to Kunsthal. The idea chosen was about shoes. Then the 14 questions were cut up in three phases: content, design and presentation. The last step would be visiting the exhibition.

Continue reading S.H.O.E.S.

Where should we go for dinner tonight?


Imagine you are on a weekend trip in another city and you have no idea what or where to grab a bite. This is the perfect moment to check the Iens web site. This web site gives an overview of all registered restaurants in the Netherlands with accompanying reviews and ratings. This information is also valuable when searching for new places in your own neighborhood. All the reviews are independent and written by other consumers. Iens is an example of a current business that applies a business model that involves active customer participation. The business web site only includes customer input. is a Dutch web site which contains independent reviews about restaurant trough the Netherlands, written by consumers. This web site is a link between restaurants and its guests. Both consumers and restaurant owners are able to put a particular restaurant Continue reading Where should we go for dinner tonight?

The Evolution of Online Product Recommendations

Hi guys,

It is unfortunate that I cannot be in class with you, but I believe that you have already talked about product recommendations and their importance. In this article “Different Approaches to Online Product Recommendations“, by David Moth, one can see many different types of online product recommendations. Due to Amazon’s reputation most people would be familiar with the collaborative filtering, but there are some other really interesting types, such as the “what’s happening right now” tool, which has many social aspects. Please check and tell me your opinion! 🙂