Change your clothes online

Change your clothes online (translation MyClothes) is an online platform where people can create a profile and buy, sell or simply change their clothes, accessories, shoes and other things.

The founder of the program introduces herself as former shopoholic, who decided to get rid of her things online. Most of the things were in a really good quality, thus she decided to simply throw them away, but to open her closet to other girls.

In order to be able to participate on the platform, you first of all have to create an account –as typical nowadays it is easy to do that if you have a Facebook account. Then put a picture of an item and decided how you want to give it away – put price and sell it, exchange it for another item or give it away for free – it is up to you. People are able to browse in the platform without any registration.

If the customer wants a product, then she/he simply sends a message to the seller and they discuss, negotiate the price or the delivery details. The website owners do not participate in that process.

The platform unites many different customers with a common goal and passion – shopping. Even this project has become international, the visitors still communicate at the local level – Lithuanians have their own site, French and Germans ones in their own language. Transactions are solely between the people of that particular country. It is more convenient for the users, gives more confidence.

Today the website operates in Lithuania (link, Czech Republic (link, Poland (link, US (link, France (link and Germany (link

The website has 50 million visitors every month. For instance in Germany it has 1,1 million users, 4 times more in Lithuania. There is also an app for smart phones that allows connecting to the platform faster and browsing more often.Image

Lithuanian website


German website


The founder of the website in the company’s office

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