Coco-mat is a greek company and is recognized as a leader for natural sleep products bed linen, towels and furniture for homes and hotels. It was established in 1989 and today is one of the most extroverted companies in Greece. It has a growing network of 12 stores(BelgiumChinaCyprusFranceGermanyGreeceItalyNetherlandsSaudi ArabiaSouth KoreaSpainUnited States) around the world, including The Netherlands. Coco-mat has built a strong brand equity over the past years,  based on the natural materials that coco-mat products are made from.

natural Materials

The most interesting think about coco-mat, is the new trend of delivering the products, whick implies customer’s involvement with a funny and enviroment-friendly way. Before we analyze this trend and make a deeper exploration on this, we need to present the reasons why Mr Pavlos Evmorfidis,  the founder of coco-mat and the inspirer of this success, thought about this innovative idea.

Mr. Pavlos

Mr Pavlos Evmorfidis, is a bicycle lover. As he usually says, “I do not cycle because of stubbornness, neither to do my daily workout, nor because I want to pretend someone. I just think it’s the most natural way to travel, after the walk. And believe me, I always do what my mind tells me to do!“. He has travelled over 200km in one day, and once he succeeded a Eurotrip from Amsterdam to Athens with his son and their bicycles.

His way of living forced him to create a Brand name focused on nature. First of all, coc-mat products are enviroment-friendly, as they are manufactured from 96% recyclable materials. In addition to this, he came up to introduce cycling as a way of transportation for coco-mat employees. Specifically, he offers to coco-mat employees 5% of their monthly earning for using their bicycles for transportation, instead of using cars or public transportation. In the very first beginning, the majority of them did not changed their transport habits, but he enforced them with an extra 3% bonus if they stop smoking.

From the abovementioned, it can be easily seen that Mr. Pavlos Evmorfidis is an incompatible personality and could not compromise himself without introducing a new innvative idea; this time a customer centic idea.

Every customer can achieve a 5% discount if, he/she deliver their products back to their home, with their bikes. Coco-mat has special green-coloured bike trailers in every store to serve this need. By using their bicycles with the trailers, Mr. Pavlos believes that potential and current customers are warming to the idea of paying less, and at the same time, having the feeling of an ecological conscious customer.

Video: COCO-MAT Amsterdam delivery bikes

Happy customers

Amsterdam Store:

Coco-Mat bike trailers

New York shop:


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Links:  (Official Coco-Mat Website), (Coco-Mat bike manufacturer)

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