Tailor your own business outfit

Buying a business outfit is normally a costly occasion. A good business outfit normally cost a couple of hundred euros. Even for this price, you are still limited to the different outfits the store offers. When you choose to buy a tailor made suit, the price will even be higher. Meet Itailor.com!

Itailor is a classic example of mass customization. Itailor.com makes it possible for people to design their own business outfit existing of a suit, shirt, tie and business shoes. When you enter the website, you get a choice menu. This menu makes it possible to design a clothing item that you need.

If you for example want to design your own t-shirt, you can choose between four fabric options. Each option has his own price and exists of a number of other color options (as you can see below). After this step, the consumer gets the possibility to adapt the entire design of the t-shirt. You can choose the color of the buttons, shape of the shirt and it is even possible to write your name on the shirt. Finally, the customer can choose the size of the t-shirt. The customer can choose between measuring his own size or choose for “common” sizes. On this way Itailor enables its customers to make their own tailor made t-shirt (or suit, shoes etc.) for an affordable price.


After the customer has designed his own t-shirt, the customer will receive his own designed t-shirt within 5-6 weeks. Itailor ships its products worldwide enabling themselves to reach a big target group.

Most tailor made t-shirts will cost at least €60,-. With Itailor it is possible to design your own T-shirt for less than 20 euro’s. Two years ago, I designed my own t-shirt. The quality of this t-shirt was very good for that price. Itailor makes it possible for people to wear tailor made clothes for a reasonable price. For this reason, Itailor is able to reach a complete other target group than the original tailor shops. Original tailor shops focus on people who want status and can afford a costly suit. Itailor can focus on people with a lower budget, like students.

Itailor is also very active on social media. On Facebook for example, Itailor has 27.182 followers at this moment. Here Itailor post the new possibilities that the website offers, possible designs they come up with and is there the possibility for customers to show their new designed clothes to other customers. Even on YouTube are videos of people showing their new clothes to other consumers.

It is now two years ago that I designed my own t-shirt on Itailor.com. In past two years I saw a lot of changes to the website indicating that the website is a big success. The website included the possibility to design your own shoes, jeans and suits in the past two years. The website is also nowadays available in other languages, including Dutch.

Seeing the steps that Itailor made is this few years, I think that Itailor is able to became a big brand within the clothing market. They have a good product and clear website with many opportunities, all important ingredients for a successful company.

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