“Make my Magnum” experience


In 1989, Magnum ice cream was born in Germany, since then Magnum has been characterized for being unique and special. Starting with the fact that a chocolate coating capable of resisting – 40 degrees Celsius, had to be created by the Belgian chocolate brand Callebaut especially for Magnum.  Ever since, Magnum hasn’t stopped looking for improvement and for new ways of innovation.

In the 90’s Magnum changed the way ice cream was seen, a product limited to children, Magnum did it by creating an ice cream for adults, with a sexy and irresistible image. Of course, this big accomplishment was not to be attained just with its great flavor, the success of Magnum has been greatly determined by its effective marketing campaigns.

Making use of very traditional marketing techniques, like collaborations with famous fashion brands and designers and famous endorsers, as well as very creative and innovative methods like its own personal video game, Magnum has been able to develop and build up a distinctive brand personality.  Magnum is the luxurious, sexy and delicious ice cream.

Nowadays, Magnum has proved to be one of the most favored ice-creams in the market, selling yearly one billion ice creams around the world and having almost 8.5 million followers on Facebook.

With the desire of expanding the Magnum experience for the pleasure seekers and with the goal of strengthening the relationship with the lovers of the brand, Magnum has made use of the “Power of Surprise” and developed a new channel to bring together the praised ice-cream to its fans.

Magnum created the concept “Make my Magnum” experience, a Pop up store that would be in operation for the 3 months of summer. These stores were opened in different strategic places of the world.  Paris, Shanghai, Amsterdam, New York, among others, have been the witnesses of its big success.

What is “Make my Magnum” experience all about?

In the Magnum Pop-up store clients were able to personalize their ice cream in a 6-step journey to pleasure: Coat it, top it, set it, name it, share it, and love it!

In the first stage, the clients were offered to choose a coating from dark, milk or withe chocolate for its standard vanilla ice cream bar.  The second step consisted on toping the bar with 3 to 4 ingredients, going from chopped pistachios to raspberries and rose petals, among other delicious options, in Amsterdam even dried chili was offered.  In the third stage of the Magnum personalization, clients had to name their Magnum and the order was placed. Finally, an expert would be in charge of bringing your Magnum to life.

Understanding the power of social Media, Magnum asked the clients to “share” their experience. In Singapore the concept was taken one step further by being able to digitally capture the creation of your personalized ice cream and share it on the Magnum Lookbook. The Magnum Store would also offer some already designed Magnum ice cream for those clients that didn’t feel creative or confident enough to try on their own.  Creations like the” Drunken Pear” and even the Carla Bruni design were there for the high demanding palates.

Carolina I. Caballero Carpio (359706)

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