, Your friend with a car


What is it about?

Think of Lyft as on-demand ridesharing application that lets you order a car ride from one point to another and an affordable alternative to a cab. “It’s your friend with a car on demand,” says John Zimmer, co-founder of the San Francisco startup. In fact Lyft is a mobile app that uses real-time location data on your phone to let you find a background-checked driver in your area in minutes Continue reading, Your friend with a car

Design it yourself – HEMA

We have talked a lot in class about customization and there are many ways that firms can choose to implement it, I will discuss the example of design it yourself by HEMA. HEMA is a Dutch department stores which offers good quality products for a fairly low price (compared to the other department stores in the Netherlands).

HEMA has their own design it yourself ‘store’ on their website where you design anything ranging from clocks, aprons, photo albums, calendars, bicycles, wine labels and bags to cakes and baby clothes.

The toolkit for designing these products is really simple and it gives a good picture of what Continue reading Design it yourself – HEMA

Revolutionizing the accommodation market: the airbnb case

All of us have been in the situation of searching for accommodation when travelling either abroad or inside our country of residence.

Take for example Walt and Emma, a young couple from London that wanted to spend a long weekend in Paris. Unfortunately, they did not know anybody there that they could stay with, so Emma and Walt were left with just one choice: booking a hotel room or staying at a hostel, depending on their budget. That was the case until recently.www_airbnb_com

Continue reading Revolutionizing the accommodation market: the airbnb case

Replicate yourself

Do you think that the world needs you twice? Professional photographer Jens made 400 duplicates of himself and called it the #GIJENS


Well for you it is possible as well! During my search I found a very special form of customization. You can duplicate yourself and make yourself even more epic. I am talking about the website and about another website which is called: I do review two ideas because the second is a very interesting new technology which can be used in the field of customization. Continue reading Replicate yourself