Apple & the Ultimate Customer Experience

The way of doing business is changing. Customers have higher expectations and customer experience is very important nowadays.

And this is the way Apple works, they care a lot about the customer experience. This is the main reason why they have a very strong brand, everyone knows about Apple. Their goal is to let the customer feel better. As you can see in the video.

Scott McKain had a ultimate customer experience with the App store and he is sharing it Continue reading Apple & the Ultimate Customer Experience

Unox New Years Dive

As we have been speaking a lot about customer experiences that are related with brand (like the Heineken experience) I started thinking about other similar examples where this happens in dutch society.

Unox is a ‘Authentic Dutch’ ( brand of Unilever and Unilever has created a really famous yearly event – The Unox New Year Dive in Scheveningen. All hats, handgloves, etc. are sponsored by Unox and after dipping in the sea you can eat all Unox Continue reading Unox New Years Dive

5 Star Customer Experience

This video explains the new era, the next generation of customer services. What is the centre of your business? IT can be everything: sales , profit, media , Facebook, marketing, growth. Nowadays is the age of the customer, everything must be customer centric and oriented. The consumer has information, has a choice and a voice and the manager should be aware of that. The customer wants more, that more that he expects is “great customer service “. The next generation of customer service is “Customer Experience” from the beginning of the process until the end!!

what is a Customer Experience?

This video is about a company, Custvox, that helps listen and understand the voice of the consumers as well as helps managing the quality of the offered experience. It is being explained that in nowadays, retaining the, already, existing customers is considered to be one of the most important things, since we are living in the “Experience Economy” . We are experiencing the “Customer Centric Culture”. An example is being described, explaining how a coffee bean can be interepreted as a commodity, as a good to compare in a super market, as a competing service, as a memorable event, or even as everything above, in total. It is being indicated that the level of differentiation from the offered corporate experience is a factor influencing the level of leadersip position. Finally, it is being mentioned that whatever is the industry, the most important competitive advantage is the high quality of the offered experience. “Let the customer drive.”

Since it is still Valentinesday, I decided to post a Valentine-like example of mass customization! Of course can this example also be used at any other extraordinary or any normal day 🙂 is a website where you can design your own real (Valentines) card and send them online to the person you want. Ofcourse you can pick from the already existing cards, but it is more fun to make your own photocard. There are a lot of possibilities in making these cards. For example, you can add sounds, pick your own handwriting or make your card extra personal with the so-called “Magic” program. It is even possible to send a gift together with you card. Continue reading

Wear your computer as a bracelet!


Sony Concept Bracelet Computer by Hiromi Kiriki

After our lecture in which we heard about Project Glass, the innovation of Google, I found this other really cool innovation.
This innovation relates to our topic ‘creating great experiences’ and is a vision for the future! It uses technologies to create future consumer value. This innovation greatly increases capabilities and improves customers’ life. Unfortunately, this is only a concept and some say that this product is far from being launched. Approximately around the year Continue reading Wear your computer as a bracelet!

Council of the Wise

If you have ever been to a theme-park you know it is all about the great experience it delivers. Now how would it be if you could be part of enriching this experience. As most Dutch people know (for having been there as kids) the Efteling is a theme-park initially build around the fairytale-like artwork of Anton Pieck. They’ve set up a research panel for everybody to join in which you can tell them everything from wishes, opinions, preferred pastimes and even preferences of brands you can buy in the stands. Basically everybody can join, of any age, after filling in a basic questionnaire.

The Efteling describes their team on the webpage with (1) the manager being the initiative-taking person regarding the panels, who loves to interview, (2) a person behind the Continue reading Council of the Wise

The next step


Mass customization is actually old news. Already in year 2004, Joseph Pine told his story about this phenomenon at TED, a conference where idea get spread. The current market is more and more concentrating on the consumer. It is also called to be customer centric.

Today a new article was posted on marketingfacts about customer centricity. It proclaimes that we are at the very beginning of this new focus (compared to the traditional product focus). This vision will be effective for the gross but I think there is going to be a upcoming switch initiated by leading companies within 10 years. As the society is becoming more Continue reading The next step

Fixing everydays annoyances with help of a television show

“Het beste idee van Nederland” (the best idea of the Netherlands) is a televisionshow that has been broadcasted about yearly since 2004. This is a television show where contestants can come to the auditions and show great ideas of inventions they have come up with. There are several categories in which participants can compete; Cooking and Household, Children and Family and Hobby and Holiday. A jury with experts and celibrities decides who goes through to the next round and big shows with knockout phases, like in talentshows, are broadcasted before the winner is chosen. The show was first broadcasted in 2004 and has gone through quite some changes since then. It changed channel, presenter, judges and also some of the aspects of the competition changed. One of the changes is interesting for our course.

In the end of 2010 the supermarket Albert Heijn signed a collaboration with the television Continue reading Fixing everydays annoyances with help of a television show

Your employees are the key

Since we have discussed the value of experience during the class I would like to share an interesting article ( about the importance of employees in businesses where experience is essential.

The author suggests that companies which want to give best experiences for its customers, at first should focus on their own employees. If your employees are not happy or does not see the importance of work they can put bad feelings for customers thus decreasing the possibility of coming back. Employees must be familiar with your brand personality and always act based on associations of the brand. Therefore, employees must be trained and recruited regarding company‘s values and desires.

Sweepers from Disney show a good example how every employee should be proud of Continue reading Your employees are the key

Will 2013 be the year of the loyalty programs?

Yesterday group 4 presented the idea how to stay in touch with customers. There are many articles about customer loyalty, brand communities i.e.. The most remarkable thing, what I already mentioned in the presentation, is that the costs of loyal customers are not lower then the costs of new customers. Loyal customers wanted to be rewarded for the loyalty to a brand or a company.

The rewarding of loyal customers is not by definition an extra discount. The rewarding of loyal customers can also be an email with useful tips how to, for instance a grocery shop, combine different ingredients to make a delicious ‘midia’ (Greek food). This is needed to improve and maintain the customer relationship with a company or brand. Continue reading Will 2013 be the year of the loyalty programs?

NSFW. A hunter shoots a bear!

Hi everyone!

After reading the post below from George about interaction with advertisements I remembered a very interesting and interactive video on you tube of Tipp-Ex company. After a short introduction with a hunter and a bear that catches your attention, you are given the opportunity to choose the ending of the video and actually see immediately your story. What is more they use the product in such a way that you cannot miss it.

Using such a technique creates greater effect between the advertisement and the consumers. As we can see in this example they reached more than 20 million views with all the world spreading out their campaign.

Putting the consumer in the procedure with interaction maximizes visibility and interest in the product or service.

Have fun making scenarios!

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