Make your own jeans


Hi everone,

Our business idea, make your own jeans, is probably the best platform to create the best matching jeans in an inspiring place. A place which is full of experience.

We will focus on consumers in the age of 16 to 35 years, who fashionable and try to express themselves by customizing their own pair of jeans. Customers base their decisions on price, quality, service, possibilities, fit, search costs and experience. The four main competitors of the G-star Xperience are physical and online stores, self-fabrication and high-end boutiques.

The G-star Xperience is distinguished by delivering a high service in creating individual possibilities for the fashionable jeans owner. With a limited number of attributes, a customer creates high quality pair of jeans for a relatively high price, but with the attribute of being unique, we sell these pairs of jeans as an ‘experience’.

The main sales channels are the physical store and a user friendly website. Other channels to derive value creation from: Forums, Blogs, Youtube and Magazines. The concept of the G-star Xperience is all about customizing jeans in a relaxing atmosphere with interaction with designers and probably other customers.

Essential there are 3 parties who brings G-star Xperience together:

  • the Customer
  • the Designer
  • G-star (Xperience)

For all of these 3 parties, we make sure it is interesting to step into the concept. The customer can acquire the really perfect jeans, according to his or her needs. Above that, the customer will get inspired by the whole environment full of experience. Secondly, the designer can display and show his/her best skills to the market. Another advantage for the designer is that they are no longer isolated from the customers, but there is a direct and strong interaction with the customer! Thirdly, G-star is now able to enhance its associative network and extend its exposure to the fashionable customer. The concept also perfectly fits to the brand image. For example, their slogan is: ‘THE UNLIMITED POSSIBILITIES OF RAW’! After all, G-star get free market research. Caused by the strong interaction, they can now better monitor what the customers want and what the upcoming trends are.

We hope you enjoyed our idea!

Best regards,TEAM 1

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