Your Dream Weddings


Maybe you are familiar with this problem, friends or family who are marrying each other from different cultures. After a couple is engaged they start planning their wedding, but having problems with the combination of the two cultures. Some couples have family members or friends who are assisting them in organising the event whereas others are doing by themselves. They can also go to wedding planners but mostly they are very expensive and focus only on one culture. Besides that, there are many intermediary websites which offer lots of inspiration and ideas but again there is no focus on mixed marriages. There are freelancers which tend to be cheaper than agencies however they don’t have their developed brand image and don’t focus on combining two different cultures.

After we have analysed the current situation we see a niche for our business idea. Your Dream Wedding is an online platform for people from different cultural backgrounds who are organizing weddings.  Mostly they are close family members or the couple itself who desires to organize their dream weddings combining different cultures. We are offering a consulting and implementation services which help to make wedding planning much more relaxed. We will use comfortable consumer channels which are currently missing in our competitors systems:

  • The online website provides an interactive platform where customers can choose the attributes or design them by themselves (samples could be sent to consumer after choosing their dream attribute). There will also be a service where customers can video chat via Skype with consultants to deal with the questions of the customer.
  • Offline – office. When customers are having some complex issues or questions, a face-to-face consultation hour can be arranged for the customer if needed.
  • Social media. We will create Pinterest account as majority users are women and the biggest search category is Weddings. Therefore, this website will generate a great value in acquiring new customers.
  • Mobile app. Since consumers are travelling a lot and do not have a lot of time left, our application for mobile is created to give some ideas or inspiration to customers.

Main benefits for consumers:

  • Effectiveness since you can design elements by yourself and there is a huge variety of choices.
  • Social recognition among guests since you organised a wonderful event combining two different cultures.
  • Fun to design and compare elements online.
  • Less costly as all services are suggested by one channel.
  • Extremely comfortable as you can design and order all the elements via Internet.

Partners are an important part in our business. Therefore, we will make sure to attract them by not charging them commissions for the first year. They will also get additional clients thus boosting their revenue and new business opportunities will be available.

We highly believe that our system will be successful in the long run since we create many benefits for both stakeholders (i.e. consumers and partners).

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