The Kapsalon App: Review site and social network combined!

We assume many of you readers will know the “Kapsalon” to be a very popular snack in The Netherlands. Nowadays people enjoying the nightlife in every part of the country, search for the Döner kebab signs before going home. From our personal experience we know that this process can be a bit difficult from time to time, since the quality of the food is always a mistery.

We all had some bad experiences with eating Kapsalon’s we wish we had never eaten. This was our motivation to think of ways to add something to improve the process. The result of a brainstorming session was: The Kapsalon App!
The Kapsalon App will be developed for IOS and Android. It’s main goal is to make the whole experience of eating Doner Kebab better. The App will have several major features based on providing information to consumers about nearby Döner Kebab restaurants.

The App will provide:
– Locations of nearby Kebab restaurants, including route descriptions from a consumers current location
– Both expert and consumer reviews of Kapsalon quality
– Information about pricing
– Social functions like the locations of afterparties, taxi stands etc.

We want the Kapsalon App to be more than just another review site. This is reason we chose to add social and utility functions. Still, the review part is at the basis of our app and has to be done right.

The review section will mostly be based on the opinion of consumers. The users of the app can leave reviews of the kebab restaurants that they visited. We use a 5-star rating system to keep things simple, in which quality, price, hygiene and overall ratings can be given. There is also a function to leave written reviews. To make sure there is no fraud and at the same time encourage consumers to write reviews, there will be a hall of fame featuring the best reviewers. There is a point system, based on the number of “likes” subtracted by the number of “dislikes” for a written review. The reviews with the most likes will be posted the highest on the review section, which ensures consumers get to see the best reviews first. Users also get points for using the star review options, and can safe up for prices like a free Kapsalon.

With good reviews at the basis of this App, consumers can now start looking for a place nearby to eat Kapsalon. A Maps function in our App will determine the location of the consumer and list the nearby Kebab restaurants and their respective star ratings. This way consumers can make their own choice about whether they want to travel further to get a better Kapsalon. The Map function will also be used for the social functions. We will let users post their after party locations. Again, people can click to “like” these locations. Users with many likes will also be featured in the hall of fame for the best after party organizers.

Our company will try to make money by selling advertizing space in the App, and possibly asking a 1 euro fee for buying the App. With this App we hope to keep the social spirit of the Kapsalon alive, while still creating better control on the Kebab
restaurants. This will in turn lead to Kapsalons with better quality.

By: Team 6
Dushant Raghoebier (322799), Andjana Rambaran (316584), Martijn Roest (323762)

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