The Kapsalon App: Review site and social network combined!

We assume many of you readers will know the “Kapsalon” to be a very popular snack in The Netherlands. Nowadays people enjoying the nightlife in every part of the country, search for the Döner kebab signs before going home. From our personal experience we know that this process can be a bit difficult from time to time, since the quality of the food is always a mistery.

We all had some bad experiences with eating Kapsalon’s we wish we had never eaten. This was our motivation to think of ways to add something to improve the process. The result of a brainstorming session was: The Kapsalon App!
The Kapsalon App will be developed for IOS and Android. It’s main goal is to make the Continue reading The Kapsalon App: Review site and social network combined!

Your Magazine (group 7)

Hi everyone!

As you all know by now, our new business idea is: “Your Magazine”, the best way to relax in your free time! The reasons why we picked this idea are numerous. When someone reads a magazine they feels more relaxed but also gain new ideas about topics of interest or may find interesting suggestions or solutions on a subject. Nowadays the topics offered by magazines are various, such as: sports, cooking, arts, fashion etcetera.

Some of the identified key benefits considering choosing a magazine are price, number of topics, authors/quality, frequency and effort. This means that when an individual is trying to make the best choice about buying a magazine, someone preferably wants a low price, Continue reading Your Magazine (group 7)

Your Dream Weddings


Maybe you are familiar with this problem, friends or family who are marrying each other from different cultures. After a couple is engaged they start planning their wedding, but having problems with the combination of the two cultures. Some couples have family members or friends who are assisting them in organising the event whereas others are doing by themselves. They can also go to wedding planners but mostly they are very expensive and focus only on one culture. Besides that, there are many intermediary Continue reading Your Dream Weddings

MyPaper (group 5)


Hi all!

Here is a short management summary of our innovative business idea as a recap on our presentation yesterday. Our report is available on request!

The consumer group of interest consist of two subgroups. The first consist of consumers who want to buy a newspaper but are not interested in having a subscription. This group mostly buys a newspaper “on the go”. The second group are consumers who have a subscription and want to receive the newspaper at home every morning. Both subgroups Continue reading MyPaper (group 5)

‘Begin a Ring’ – Be the Artist


As a new business we are going to attempt to penetrate the ring and fashion shop industry, in a customer centric way, emphasizing on our customer strategy, and in essence creating a dual process of value.

Current situation
First of all, we’ve divided people into two groups of customers describing their needs and current situations. The information is gathered trough a conducted research at these types of customers: Continue reading ‘Begin a Ring’ – Be the Artist