My own experience!

We are redecorating our house and we decided to get wooden slats (houten jaloezieën) in front of the windows in the living room. We made an order in December last year and the company where we ordered the slats, told us that they could deliver it in the second week of January 2013.

The first week of January we received an e-mail with the message that our order was ready. But when we called the company, they told us that our order wasn’t complete yet.

A week later we received a second e-mail with the information that one of the wooden slats, the one in front of the kitchen window, wasn’t available in black because of the measurement. When I called the company to ask what the options were I got a very unfriendly employee on the phone, who didn’t provide any additional options. After some research we decided to get a different kind of wood which also looked black, for in front of the kitchen window.

One week later we called because we still didn’t receive our order. After that we got another e-mail which said that the production of our slats wasn’t finished yet and they expected it to be ready in the first week of February.

Two weeks ago, we got another e-mail saying it was not possible to get one whole slat in front of one of the windows and that they had to divide the slat into two pieces.

This is a company who still have some learning to do when it comes to serving their customers in a good way. They really have to improve their communication towards their customers. Instead of e-mailing all the time, they could at least have called us.

Now we have a meeting with one of the managers of the company to see what they can do for us. I hope they come up with a good solution, otherwise the deal is off.

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