– Team 4 Business case :)

Hi everyone,

Our business proposal is….! is a master search website where you, as a prospective or current master student can find all master related information.

As we detected some problems with the current websites student use for this goal, we figured that we, as students, can do better!

With our competitors analysis and customer survey (remember filling in our survey last week ☺ thanks for your help!) we found what the problems were and what customer needs we had to fulfil. 

Main problems are (survey):
1. Incomplete & inaccurate information offering
2. Long and frustrated searches to find right information

Important features of a master search site are (survey):
1. Accurate & complete information offering
2. Personalized information offering
3. User-friendly interface

Leading to our website where you can find complete, accurate and personal relevant master related information. Our customer focus is ‘the student’ and not universities. If you would like to get more information (who are you fellow students? , financial help, student city tours, blogs, find housing, etc.) you can sign up and join our community. As return for all this information we ask you to help ‘new’ students too and answer their questions as you are already in your master program.

So why is this not happening already by other master search websites? We believe current master search websites have a business model that depends on the fees payed by universities to be on the site. So you could argue that universities are their real customers. As students only use the master search site a few types the utility to improve the site is lower than the costs related to that.

However, we believe that current new developments like communities offer the solution to this problem. By demonstrating students what else is important to know about the ‘Master Experience’ we aim to keep the customer engaged and is such a way create value.

Our business model consists out of short term & long term investors and the sustainability of our site depends on the long term investors. We would like to have ‘experience’ related businesses (tripadvisor, housinganywhere, banks, etc.) advertise on our website and try to gain important data (opinions about educational systems, living situations, etc.) which we in turn can also use to sell.

With the Dutch government as one of our investors (they aim on improving websites to attract more internationals) our promotion plan is to use the newest marketing tools to gain awareness of our existence (very interactive facebook page, google lock up words, etc.). Furthermore, we would like to use our existing master friends to get more brand awareness, also in other countries. By already gaining some Mexperts within our friend cycle we have a head start.

In the end, we will be the website that focuses on the needs of students when searching for a master degree. That is our main goal.
We hope you will enjoy our presentation tomorrow! ☺

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