Harlem Shake compilation

Harlem Shake, a song that was recorded by DJ Baauer caused a major media reaction. Baauer couldn’t believe what his song had caused and he says that he keeps getting surprised by the impact the song has every 15 minutes.

A harlem shake is a typical movie where in the first 15 seconds there is one person doing crazy, whereafter the next 15 seconds there is a huge crowd going crazy with everone doing his/her own move ( see youtube movie attached).

The song didn’t do well in the beginning, but since there were so many people posting their own videoclips with them doing the harlem shake caused a significant boost in sales. Consumers creating value, by just posting their own version through social media can be an extreme hit leading to skyrocket sales!

Too bad we don’t have classes anymore, else we all could have gone crazy during the seminar..

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