Social media needs strategy

Just the use of social media because a competitor is also using the such channel to spread easier information into the world is history. Before the use of social media companies really needs to think about a realistic strategy. “It is also about realising that you don’t have to try everything, and, more to the point, that you can’t do everything, as that brings with it another set of problems.” 

Social media isn’t one size fits all. Not every platform is going to be right for every brand, and working out those questions in advance could save time and valuable resources and even avoid some costly mistakes.”

To be a succes on the internet by using social media channels like Twitter and Facebook Continue reading Social media needs strategy – Team 4 Business case :)

Hi everyone,

Our business proposal is….! is a master search website where you, as a prospective or current master student can find all master related information.

As we detected some problems with the current websites student use for this goal, we figured that we, as students, can do better!

With our competitors analysis and customer survey (remember filling in our survey last week ☺ thanks for your help!) we found what the problems were and what customer needs we had to fulfil.  Continue reading – Team 4 Business case 🙂

Harlem Shake compilation

Harlem Shake, a song that was recorded by DJ Baauer caused a major media reaction. Baauer couldn’t believe what his song had caused and he says that he keeps getting surprised by the impact the song has every 15 minutes.

A harlem shake is a typical movie where in the first 15 seconds there is one person doing crazy, whereafter the next 15 seconds there is a huge crowd going crazy with everone doing his/her own move ( see youtube movie attached).

The song didn’t do well in the beginning, but since there were so many people posting their Continue reading Harlem Shake compilation

My own experience!

We are redecorating our house and we decided to get wooden slats (houten jaloezieën) in front of the windows in the living room. We made an order in December last year and the company where we ordered the slats, told us that they could deliver it in the second week of January 2013.

The first week of January we received an e-mail with the message that our order was ready. But when we called the company, they told us that our order wasn’t complete yet.

A week later we received a second e-mail with the information that one of the wooden slats, the one in front of the kitchen window, wasn’t available in black because of the Continue reading My own experience!