Unox New Years Dive

As we have been speaking a lot about customer experiences that are related with brand (like the Heineken experience) I started thinking about other similar examples where this happens in dutch society.

Unox is a ‘Authentic Dutch’ ( brand of Unilever and Unilever has created a really famous yearly event – The Unox New Year Dive in Scheveningen. All hats, handgloves, etc. are sponsored by Unox and after dipping in the sea you can eat all Unox products (soup, sausages, etc.).

In the movie you can see a tourist who is really surprised that so many ‘crazy dutch’ people will take a dive in the sea at the 1st of January.

To make it even more interesting, all political parties are present as well to do some party promotion….

Whahaha, yeah a real ‘Crazy’ dutch event!

Have fun watching the movie… 🙂

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