The new world of Experience Economy…

The new world of Experience Economy…

We are, undoubtedly, moving from the service economy to the experience economy, as more and more consumers desire experiences and more and more companies are responding by designing and promoting them. Vinopolis is one of the businesses which follows the experience model and meets some of the most important key experience-design principles. First of all, it has a very effective and concise theme about wine and all the design elements, such as the medieval architecture, are in that way, that captivate the customer. Vinopolis engages the majority of five senses, especially taste and smell, through the restaurants and the “taste events”, as it is mentioned at the website. Vinopolis offers a great experience to the customers who can, also, create their own special event there with a wine theme. The new world of experience economy is here and Vinopolis is certainly a part of this..

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