Social Commerce: From Hi to Buy

In the above link you can view a very interesting article I found on the internet about the evolution of the social commerce. I chose to publish this article instead of one example because it explains very well the new trend of combining shopping with online social networks. In the article a lot of interesting examples are mentioned along with some statements from the people that have come up with innovative ideas and have created these new businesses. These new businesses seem very interesting to me. They are offering nice experiences of shopping,selling, socializing, recommending, even making a charity while shopping in the case of

Some of the mentioned examples are the following, where you can visit their websites and find more interesting details about each :


This personalized beauty site allows users to buy makeup, skin care and hair care based on their personal profile and recommendations from thousands of women similar to them.

In addition to buying and selling, The Cools presents users with suggested products that are specifically curated based on their style, taste and personality.

THEFANCY.COM Part store, part blog, part magazine and part wish list, The Fancy allows users to
“fancy” items they favor and purchase them without leaving the site.

By taking part in activities on the site, such as watching a video or participating in a poll, Lockerz allows members to build up points that can be redeemed to buy merchandise offered on its shopping site.

By following favorite designers, boutiques, bloggers and stylists, users can create their own “lyst” of coveted items. When a user’s “lysted” item goes on sale, Lyst will e-mail sales alerts from stores worldwide.

Material Wrld allows users to shop the closets of people within the fashion industry, discovering exclusive finds and uncovering the personal stories behind them.

Besides sharing, recommending and shopping products, Mulu users can decide whether their portion of the sale goes to themselves or their choice of one of 50 charities.

Curated by celebrities, Open Sky allows users to shop products chosen by the likes of Cynthia Rowley and Julianne Moore. About 80 people in a variety of fields, including food, style and, now, beauty, have “curated” shops.

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