Apple & the Ultimate Customer Experience

The way of doing business is changing. Customers have higher expectations and customer experience is very important nowadays.

And this is the way Apple works, they care a lot about the customer experience. This is the main reason why they have a very strong brand, everyone knows about Apple. Their goal is to let the customer feel better. As you can see in the video.

Scott McKain had a ultimate customer experience with the App store and he is sharing it on Youtube. So this is very profitable for Apple. Because now the whole world can see that Apple takes very good care of their customers.
Service alone is not enough. This is the reason why empathy is so important.

After calling with the storemanager McKain entered an Appcstore and surprisingly they knew his name. They googled him to know more about the customer. Scott McKain was very surprised. The storemanager of the Apple store told him that he wanted to know his customers, one person can make a difference. And after sending a mail to the CEO to share his nice customer experience in the Appstore, the CEO answered : “Our goal is for all customers to feel like you do.”

So with this example, you can see how important it is, to know your customers and give them a nice experience. I thought this is a wonderful example.

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