The next step


Mass customization is actually old news. Already in year 2004, Joseph Pine told his story about this phenomenon at TED, a conference where idea get spread. The current market is more and more concentrating on the consumer. It is also called to be customer centric.

Today a new article was posted on marketingfacts about customer centricity. It proclaimes that we are at the very beginning of this new focus (compared to the traditional product focus). This vision will be effective for the gross but I think there is going to be a upcoming switch initiated by leading companies within 10 years. As the society is becoming more individualized, the society is also becoming more insecure. The need for recognition is rising. This creates an opportunity for companies to set their trends into action. Creating products that will be pushed by pulling techniques. The same idea like fashion trends. It is in line with the vision of Steve Jobs; “the consumers don’t know what they want until you show it to them.”

Will mass customization grow further within its potential or will it eventually only be used by the spirited?

Tim van Veelen

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