Fixing everydays annoyances with help of a television show

“Het beste idee van Nederland” (the best idea of the Netherlands) is a televisionshow that has been broadcasted about yearly since 2004. This is a television show where contestants can come to the auditions and show great ideas of inventions they have come up with. There are several categories in which participants can compete; Cooking and Household, Children and Family and Hobby and Holiday. A jury with experts and celibrities decides who goes through to the next round and big shows with knockout phases, like in talentshows, are broadcasted before the winner is chosen. The show was first broadcasted in 2004 and has gone through quite some changes since then. It changed channel, presenter, judges and also some of the aspects of the competition changed. One of the changes is interesting for our course.

In the end of 2010 the supermarket Albert Heijn signed a collaboration with the television show. Albert Heijn indicated that the supermarket was looking for innovative productideas that could help their customers with everydays annoyances in and around the house. A lot of people came up with convenient household equipment and some ideas are already produced and sold in the bigger Albert Heijn stores. The winning products were not only produced but backed up by a marketing campagne on television, internet and in the magazine Allerhande of Albert Heijn. Some of the products that are still available at Albert Heijn from the show can be seen on the website of Albert Heijn together with an instruction video ( I think this shows that Albert Heijn makes use of available media to get the customer involved in the value creating process. This gives Albert Heijn an image of being innovative, customer centered and complete (as Tesco also put it in the case; I know Albert Heijn (Tesco) will have it, Albert Heijn is known to have pretty much everything a customer could want).

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