Council of the Wise

If you have ever been to a theme-park you know it is all about the great experience it delivers. Now how would it be if you could be part of enriching this experience. As most Dutch people know (for having been there as kids) the Efteling is a theme-park initially build around the fairytale-like artwork of Anton Pieck. They’ve set up a research panel for everybody to join in which you can tell them everything from wishes, opinions, preferred pastimes and even preferences of brands you can buy in the stands. Basically everybody can join, of any age, after filling in a basic questionnaire.

The Efteling describes their team on the webpage with (1) the manager being the initiative-taking person regarding the panels, who loves to interview, (2) a person behind the Continue reading Council of the Wise

The next step


Mass customization is actually old news. Already in year 2004, Joseph Pine told his story about this phenomenon at TED, a conference where idea get spread. The current market is more and more concentrating on the consumer. It is also called to be customer centric.

Today a new article was posted on marketingfacts about customer centricity. It proclaimes that we are at the very beginning of this new focus (compared to the traditional product focus). This vision will be effective for the gross but I think there is going to be a upcoming switch initiated by leading companies within 10 years. As the society is becoming more Continue reading The next step

Fixing everydays annoyances with help of a television show

“Het beste idee van Nederland” (the best idea of the Netherlands) is a televisionshow that has been broadcasted about yearly since 2004. This is a television show where contestants can come to the auditions and show great ideas of inventions they have come up with. There are several categories in which participants can compete; Cooking and Household, Children and Family and Hobby and Holiday. A jury with experts and celibrities decides who goes through to the next round and big shows with knockout phases, like in talentshows, are broadcasted before the winner is chosen. The show was first broadcasted in 2004 and has gone through quite some changes since then. It changed channel, presenter, judges and also some of the aspects of the competition changed. One of the changes is interesting for our course.

In the end of 2010 the supermarket Albert Heijn signed a collaboration with the television Continue reading Fixing everydays annoyances with help of a television show