Your employees are the key

Since we have discussed the value of experience during the class I would like to share an interesting article ( about the importance of employees in businesses where experience is essential.

The author suggests that companies which want to give best experiences for its customers, at first should focus on their own employees. If your employees are not happy or does not see the importance of work they can put bad feelings for customers thus decreasing the possibility of coming back. Employees must be familiar with your brand personality and always act based on associations of the brand. Therefore, employees must be trained and recruited regarding company‘s values and desires.

Sweepers from Disney show a good example how every employee should be proud of
their work and do not distract visitors enjoying their time and even surprise by their perfect work. One visitor even quoted in his blog post about a sweeper who was standing out for his pride and purposefulness “A stubborn stain he spritzed with his spray bottle, and his holster held other tools necessary to do the job as if he were Michelangelo”. Such clues gave a very good impression of the company and was above their expectations.
Companies which have already realised that experience is becoming more and more important should start implementing their new strategy by focusing on their employees and only later on their customers.

Agne Nainyte (371323)

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