Fray it !

Fray it

A new way of sharing your talents and skills in your surroundings. Fray it, offers people the possibility to discover and ask services in the neighbourhood, with an application on your smartphone.

For example, if you are an expert in making muffins and you would like to do something with it. You can show (fray) your neighbourhood that you offer people to teach them this specialty (adding a ‘fray’ on the map, looks like google maps). You can add a price to it and people may respond on it. It’s like a marketplace for product and services. On the other side, If you are looking for some activities or new skills, you can look on the map and look for something you like.

So they created a new channel for consumers and providers to buy and sell products/services. I think this is a new innovative tool (app) that will enhance entrepreneurial spirits. The community creates the value. It’s only not clear to me how these engineers (of Fray) make money. Maybe if someone would use this tool they can share this on the blog? I am thinking about a small fee but i would like to know for sure.

Radio Rent-out!

So after looking around on the web in search of some interesting customer co-creation contests and products, I found this (quite interesting, yet not good-looking) website ( in which you could ‘buy’ your own airtime, and create a radioshow.

For 85$ a week you get an one hour show. Although the theme at this point is your general enlightenment, and transcending your earthly state, it’s an interesting idea to transfer this idea to mainstream radio. If for example you are a fan of techno music, only listening to your radiostation, because it really fits your taste of music but you miss certain songs, or think you could do a better job. It might be an idea for radiostations to rent out hours, or give them away in a competition (in which listeners give either creative suggestions, or Continue reading Radio Rent-out!

“Open source – Mass bespoke”

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After reading many articles about today’s class about mass customization, i read an interesting article in the site of ” The Economist” ( . Designers are beginning to go “open source”, allowing users to download  templates for everyday objects like furniture. In the article some websites are mentioned MakeMe

MakeMe is an online platform for design creators, brands, manufacturers and consumers offering an easy way to download, design, make and share digital design. During SXSW MakeMe will encourage you to try out the website to preview and customize designs and give feedback that will help shape MakeMe into the design platform of the future. We will Continue reading “Open source – Mass bespoke”

Funny Find: Lease a Jeans


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I have this so-called I Love Fashion News app on my phone, where newsflashes about fashion (what a surprise) are posted. Last week I ran into something really interesting, considering this Seminar. Unfortunately, this is a Dutch application and thus a Dutch article, but I will translate the most important parts in English for the International students among us.

Mud Jeans has introduced a new concept, called ‘Lease a Jeans’, which makes fashion available for everyone. How does it work? In stead of buying a pair of jeans and getting a receipt for it, customers of Mud Jeans sign a simple contract: you pay €20 for a specific pair of jeans, and after that you pay each month of your contract an additional €5. If you Continue reading Funny Find: Lease a Jeans

Open Innovation, Crowdsourcing and Crowdfunding

Open innovation, crowdsourcing and crowdfunding are terms that you may came across for the the first time during the class. Here are two great videos that explain those terms and show the way they can be used in real life.

The first one is an interview of Dwayne Spradlin, CEO of Innocentive Inc., a company that emphasizes on open innovation. He provides some definitions, raises questions such as ” should companies see their laboratory as their world or the world as their laboratory” and Continue reading Open Innovation, Crowdsourcing and Crowdfunding

From ZipCar to BuzzCar

Zipcar is a car sharing company founded back in 2000 and its business model lies in the fact that consumers may need a car only for a few hours, only for a specific occasion, and   also in different places. Robin Chase is the person behind Zipcar; not only an entrepreneurial type, but also a visionary. In the following video you can see her explaining a few years ago, how Zipcar can contribute to emission reduction by increasing consumers’ usage value.

However, the market is quite versatile and therefore a good entrepreneur needs to make quick and decisive moves. A few weeks ago, it was announced that Zipcar was bought by Avis for $500 million (see here for a post in NY Times) and Robin Chase founded Buzzcar.  Robin Chase moved a step further and let consumers rent their own cars. As she says in the following video: Instead of investing in a car, we invested in a community!!!
With this company, “the peers are now in partnership with the company….creating shared value and strengthening each other….the so-called Peer Inc…” Continue reading From ZipCar to BuzzCar

Configurator Database

Hi all!

Yesterday, professor Dellaert refered to numerous examples of how firms try to activate the consumer in the supply chain. One way is mass customization, an essential and promising concept that gets more and more attention from firms and academia. Helping consumers find a product or service that completely satisfies their needs is the key point of mass customization.

Here is a website ( with over 40.000 companies that co-create their products along with consumers. As you can see, it concerns many industries, from apparel and cars to food and health. Please have a look and if you have some time customize your own product. I hope you like it!



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