Involment at Dell’s and Lay’s

Producer fabricates personal computers with different attributes. You as a consumer choose from the options and will have a computer that best suits your wishes. It sounds familiar.
At dell’s they turn it the opposite way. You as a consumer bring together the computer that perfectly suits your requirements. Dell as a producer combines its resources and provides you with this perfect computer.
Dell is an international giant in production of computers. When it’s about customers’ involvement, Dell is close to the maximum. At the website of Dell. Inc you can find this option for having your own, custom-built PC.
At Dell’s you can choose to customize almost every computer on almost every detail. At Dell’s the option for customer involvement is a highly appreciated one.

Leaving the world of computers and leaping into an entirely different world, the world of
potato chips. Lay’s chips, in her ever during search to create a successful new flavor, Lay’s decided to bring this challenge to the consumer himself. By creating a contest on developing the best taste. Ordinary consumers, who think of a taste and would love to see it being produced, can submit their ones and have others vote on it. The most popular one gets to be brought to reality. This system of voting helps Lay’s to create a new product with a higher chance of being successful. At the same time it brings its products closer to the wishes of its customers. By getting their customers involved.

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