“Use waiting time as shopping time” (Individual blog – Rachelle Leukel)

Nowadays, we are living in an extremely fast-paced world. Somehow it seems like many people are always in a rush. Everyday activities and necessities may even seem to become burdens. One example of this is doing groceries.

But, do not worry! The solution might not be far. Actually, in South Korea it already exists. South Korea is one of the most hard working countries and many do not have the time to go to the supermarket. Tesco has been working on an innovative way to engage the consumer in order to make grocery shopping more convenient.

After an initial trial in July of 2011, Tesco Homeplus opened the “world’s first virtual store” in the subway in Seoul, South Korea. The walls, pillars and screen doors of the subway are used to display products. These products have a QR code underneath them which consumers can scan with their smartphone using the Homeplus app. The order can then be delivered to their homes and they will have their groceries as soon as they get back from work (if ordered before 13.00, for instance on the way to work, the groceries will be delivered the same evening).

They use advanced technologies together with the immense use of smarthpones to make this possible. One downside of this innovation could be that it is not possible to see and touch items. Since customers responded very positively to this idea, Tesco has extended this from subway stations to bus stops. Also they are working on putting these virtual stores in other cities and countries. It has already done a trial in the UK at the airport (groceries are delivered when customers return from their holiday).

I believe that this is a good example of a firm that engages their customers in the process in order to increase customer satisfaction. It can greatly save time and as we know “time is money”. This can make the shopping experience a lot easier and most of all more convenient.

Watch this short video!  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fGaVFRzTTP4

Rachelle Leukel – 376567


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