Philips and user interface design

Philips and user interface design

Philips, one of the most famous firms in the high-tech market, uses the user interface design at its website, helping the consumers to decide which TV is the best for them according to their needs. The website focuses on user’s experience and interaction and tries to make it as simple and efficient as possible. Philips uses both parameter-based and need-based interface, in order to support the user-design process, taking into account the consumer expertise. For example, at the choices of “type of room” and “level of picture quality” a need-based interface is being used while, at the same time, the consumer can define the design parameters of the TV for the design and the screen size. There is, also, not a customization problem because Philips provides initial designs from which a customer can perform additional customization (starting points). Another important issue for the consumers is that the site allows a side-by-side comparison of design parameters and product attributes.

From all the above, according also to the article “Principles for User Design of Customized Products” by Taylor Randall, Christian Terwiesch and Karl T. Ulrich, we understand that Philips’ s interactive website fulfill some of the most important principles which lead to the improvement of customization and user design. In that way customers have the opportunity to identify the TV that better fits their needs and increase their satisfaction.

As Philips mentions in the site: “If you’re considering a new TV, the amount of choice can be overwhelming. Philips TV buying guide helps you to select and buy the perfect TV. Simply play around with your preferred screen size, budget, design and picture quality. The TV buying guide will suggest TVs that match your needs. It even lets you experience your top choices in an interactive room setting. TV buying advice has never been so easy! Compare, select and buy your new flatscreen television all in one place.”

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