Designing your own shoes..

Something women and maybe some men dream about.. designing your own shoes!

We all know the famous examples of Nike where you can create your own sportive shoes. But there are also several websites where you can create your unique non-sportive pair of shoes. I have found a fun and interesting website where women can create their own pair of heels. When you’re having trouble finding the right pair of shoes for underneath that particular dress or just want an exclusive and unique pair of shoes, Chiko Shoes is a good option for you!

With a few steps you can sketch and design your shoes. After 5 weeks of production, your package will be delivered at your doorstep. This particular website really helps you with the sketch and design via various instruction video’s. You get to choose from a range of different colors and fabrics to make your shoes perfect. As they state it: “Sky is the limit.”

It’s get even better.. You can also label your own shoe with your own logo. It sounds fun! Maybe I will give it a try once for an special occasion..

Take a peek on the website of Chiko Shoes:

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