creating brand communities

What is interesting about this video is that it does not only talk, just, about how the brand communities are being created, but it is about a company who promises to create your own brand community..The following video is an advertisement of a company, Dynamic Signal, who promises to deliver to companies custom analysis of their brand influencers in order to be able and create their own brand community. It is stated, in the video, that in our modern times the consumers can connect to whatever they want, whenever they want spending a large amount of their valuable time in the web in niche categories that interest them the most. In addition to that, the increased role of the social media, plays, also, a huge role in increasing the involvement of each brand with its devoted enthusiasts. This group of people are mentioned as the “influencers” since they possess a significant knowledge concerning the brand and their opinion is influencing people who can be considered as their “audience”, since the influencers’ voice really affect them.
In today’s marketplace, it is extremely difficult to create an in depth relationship with influencers in order to bring them together with their audience into a long term relationship with the brand. This is why the emergence of brand communities is considered as of significant value. They define the brand community as a fellowship of independent, passionate influencers who communicate with target customers in a highly engaging environment. In that way, the marketers through the influencers, can create trusted relationships with the brand and turn it into a dynamic personal relationship, accessing the most investing consumers. As a consequence of all that, the brand message is being extended outward to more and more consumers. According to them, access, influence and reward are the lifeblood of a thriving brand community. The influencers will be given financial and cultural rewards and a dynamic alliance will be built transforming the consumers to brand ambassadors.

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