Pilots create for pilots an application


After some research, it turned out that  a lot of pilots were still using paper maps to navigate their route! Although there was already enough technology to make the navigation task faster, smarter and more efficient. Jeppesen, an american daughter of Boeing, remarked this gap and opportunity and started the development of an app, which include all routes and fit for every plane.

It would be however a huge and expensive to task to make all (optimal) flighting routes digital. So they decided that the pilots could co-create the app. For a long time they worked intensively with 58 pilots of 9 different airlines. This process started with just an observation by means of shots from the cockpit to get insight into the needs and challenges. After this starting phase, the whole idea was improved and refined by the community of the pilots. After that, they tested it a lot with in-flight-simulators. It is obviously quite important that the app would work fine and reliable for every type of plan.

Another important aspect was, that the software should have a very simple and easy interface, so the pilots would need a minimum of training.

Uniquely for this case is, that this app not only improved the convenience for pilots; it even changed the regulations for pilots. The Federal Aviation Administration has now given the admission to use iPads or other tablets as electronic flight bags!

I found this interesting that also for a more complicated product, the firm decided to create it with the users (and customers). This product is going to replace the reliable paper maps for the pilots, so it is completely different from a own-designed shirt or jeans.  What will be the next product, which is going te be co-created?




One thought on “Pilots create for pilots an application”

  1. That is an extremely interesting example of co-creation, good job! As we can see, more and more firms try to incorporate users’ knowledge into their products and have customer involvement as a benchmark point.

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