Canon “Photochains”

A few years ago Leo Burnet created a brilliant integrated campaign for Canon Australia. Using completely unique and original idea the company established the brand image of Canon EOS as a creative and inspiring. The campaign succeed to raise awareness, extend the time people spend on the website and even involve photographers who use other brands. The example shows how consumers could be connected to a chain via simple online platform and an innovative idea. Enjoy the video 🙂

Pilots create for pilots an application


After some research, it turned out that  a lot of pilots were still using paper maps to navigate their route! Although there was already enough technology to make the navigation task faster, smarter and more efficient. Jeppesen, an american daughter of Boeing, remarked this gap and opportunity and started the development of an app, which include all routes and fit for every plane.

It would be however a huge and expensive to task to make all (optimal) flighting routes digital. So they decided that the pilots could co-create the app. For a long time they worked intensively with 58 pilots of 9 different airlines. This process started with just an observation by means of shots from the cockpit to get insight into the needs and Continue reading Pilots create for pilots an application

Mass Customization – Design your own cake


Hi guys,

While I was searching for examples of mass customization, the first that came up in my mind were cakes. There are moments when you don’t want a cake designed by the bakery, for example: on birthdays, weddings, baby showers and so on. These are moments when you want your own creation. There are bakeries that give the option to design your own cake.

When you design your own cake, the starting point is sponge cake,  Mud Cake or Ice Cream Cake. The starting points are important because consumers don’t  always have the appropriate knowledge to bake a delicious cake. If they also have to choose the Continue reading Mass Customization – Design your own cake