The Secret behind Zara’s success

The demands of consumers is changing rapidly and the access to information and communication technologies are transforming the supply chain into a network of partnerships. Nowadays most of the companies innovate due to information of consumers through fashion magazines, fashion shows, blogs, social media and forums. Consumers are constantly talking about the newest fashions and are longing to have the new collection of the fashion designers. However, these products of fashion designers are too expansive for most consumers. Zara is doing it differently. Zara segments its market into a set of customers who share the same or similar set of needs and wants, which are customers who are aware of fashion. Instead of asking consumers what they want, Zara goes to fashion shows or meets with the designers to decide where there is a trend.  After identifying a promising fashion, Zara simply goes into action.

zara beginning

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Motivations for crowdsourcing


Looking at the best examples of crowsourcing campaings ( I started to wonder about users‘ behavior. Some users are active for a long period of time whereas others stop participating after a few submissions. There is not a lot of research done to analyse this behavior, therefore I would like to summarise two research papers/ articles which found some interesting conclusions and tips for companies using crowdsourcing platforms which want to increase the participation rates. Also, I include the practical examples which help to understand the theory. Continue reading Motivations for crowdsourcing