“Open source – Mass bespoke”

Hi guys,

After reading many articles about today’s class about mass customization, i read an interesting article in the site of ” The Economist” (http://www.economist.com/blogs/schumpeter/2012/11/open-source-design) . Designers are beginning to go “open source”, allowing users to download  templates for everyday objects like furniture. In the article some websites are mentioned MakeMe

MakeMe is an online platform for design creators, brands, manufacturers and consumers offering an easy way to download, design, make and share digital design. During SXSW MakeMe will encourage you to try out the website to preview and customize designs and give feedback that will help shape MakeMe into the design platform of the future. We will welcome you to be among the first to access the MakeMe beta site, share your opinion with us and enjoy a free download of your design!

And AtFab http://www.filson-rohrbacher.com/about.html

Trusted open-source designers are likely to become brands in their own right, developing a consumer following and an incentive to protect their stuff from being copied. There’s a growing consensus that a hybrid open and closed-source model might be the way to preserve profit margins without smothering creativity. Mass bespoke is here to stay, but in the world of design it’s unlikely to be a file-sharing free-for-all.

One thought on ““Open source – Mass bespoke””

  1. Really nice article Despina, thank you. I was not aware of such an example, but it seems revolutionary for both the designers and the consumers, in the industrial design area.

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