Funny Find: Lease a Jeans


Hi guys,

I have this so-called I Love Fashion News app on my phone, where newsflashes about fashion (what a surprise) are posted. Last week I ran into something really interesting, considering this Seminar. Unfortunately, this is a Dutch application and thus a Dutch article, but I will translate the most important parts in English for the International students among us.

Mud Jeans has introduced a new concept, called ‘Lease a Jeans’, which makes fashion available for everyone. How does it work? In stead of buying a pair of jeans and getting a receipt for it, customers of Mud Jeans sign a simple contract: you pay €20 for a specific pair of jeans, and after that you pay each month of your contract an additional €5. If you lease a jeans for one year, the total amount you pay for the jeans would be €80.

After one year you have three options: return the jeans, pick a new one for €7.50 or keep your jeans a little longer for €5 each additional month. When you are ready to finally return your jeans, you get your initial €20 back. The jeans will be rented and thus always be property of Mud Jeans.

What do you think of this concept? You think it would work? And maybe more fun to know: would you make use of this concept??

2 thoughts on “Funny Find: Lease a Jeans”

  1. Thanks for the post Marloes, it is really interesting. Although, I do not know if such a concept would work, it is a really good illustration of how firms can create a relationship with the consumer. In fact, I believe that the success or failure of the company depends on the utility of its customers. For example, if a consumer puts great weight on having clothes for many years or does not want to wear used jeans, then he will not be part of this concept. However, should an individual pay attention to price or like to renew his or her collection of clothes, then definetely he or she will participate in this new project. As far as I am concerned, I would try it! What about you? Do you believe that such a concept can succeed?

    1. I am not sure if this concept would work everywhere, but I definitely think it has potential. I don’t think that the fact that the clothes are not new is a problem. Maybe you already know, but in fashion a lot of people buy vintage clothing nowadays. These kind of clothes are very old and were from other people. In the Lease a Jeans concept clothes will not be very old – at least in the beginning – but maybe in time the fact that the clothes become vintage will be an added value.

      I think I would try it as well! I already have a lot of clothes and I don’t think my mother will appreciate it if I would buy even more. Most of the clothes I have haven’t been worn over a long time, and that is mainly because you get bored with things. But if you borrow things, you still have something new for a while and when you don’t like the jeans anymore you can return it. I am convinced that there are a lot of other girls like me, who have way too much clothes to store it at their homes, so a borrow system could be the solution 🙂

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