“Open source – Mass bespoke”

Hi guys,

After reading many articles about today’s class about mass customization, i read an interesting article in the site of ” The Economist” (http://www.economist.com/blogs/schumpeter/2012/11/open-source-design) . Designers are beginning to go “open source”, allowing users to download  templates for everyday objects like furniture. In the article some websites are mentioned MakeMe

MakeMe is an online platform for design creators, brands, manufacturers and consumers offering an easy way to download, design, make and share digital design. During SXSW MakeMe will encourage you to try out the website to preview and customize designs and give feedback that will help shape MakeMe into the design platform of the future. We will Continue reading “Open source – Mass bespoke”

Funny Find: Lease a Jeans


Hi guys,

I have this so-called I Love Fashion News app on my phone, where newsflashes about fashion (what a surprise) are posted. Last week I ran into something really interesting, considering this Seminar. Unfortunately, this is a Dutch application and thus a Dutch article, but I will translate the most important parts in English for the International students among us.

Mud Jeans has introduced a new concept, called ‘Lease a Jeans’, which makes fashion available for everyone. How does it work? In stead of buying a pair of jeans and getting a receipt for it, customers of Mud Jeans sign a simple contract: you pay €20 for a specific pair of jeans, and after that you pay each month of your contract an additional €5. If you Continue reading Funny Find: Lease a Jeans