Music Experience, here in Rotterdam

Music as an experience, located here in Rotterdam!

This is an nice example of experience good that involves the users’ contribution in order to be able to design the event. In the following paragraphs, the concept of Tiny Music is explained in more details:

Tiny music is an initiative which brings musician and audience closer together in a special, intimate venues. It’s about the total experience of a performance. As an artist you want that your audience listens to the songs. As concert-goers, you want to hear new music, while being in a cozy environment.

After the concert is over, having a chat with the artists is morst often unthinkable. Tiny music creates an intimate and unique setting, where you are in a relaxed and casual environment to listen to live music. This tiny music concerts take place in unusual locations, such as in the hold of a ship, an old army barracks or a shop. These unexpected locations make the concept even more special.

Tiny music is constantly looking for unique and attractive opportunities to organize concerts, such as workshops, shops, homes and churches. One of their requirements  is that the location has space for at least 25 people. Since, in most cases, it is acoustic music and there is not much needed. The music is carefully constructed by tiny music, as the catering, in cooperation with tiny music Olm Breweries Ltd catering. Tiny music rely on the help of their website users to find a suitable stage for their concerts.

Tiny music is an initiative by and for music lovers and seek no commercial interest.


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