Mass Customization in Tea?

We have discussed mass customization several times in class and there have been given very good examples of companies who use mass customization.

Personalization of products and services nowadays is a very common trend that we see. Famous examples are the Nike sneakers, with your own name stitched and building your own Lego products. This trend is now also reflected in the world of food and drink. “Blends for Friends” is an example of customizing your own tea.

In Blends for Friends you can create your own personalized tea just the way you want it. Not only do you get your own favourite taste but they also look at your own personalized characteristics. Therefore they ask you to describe your hobbies and interests, nicknames, physical appearance and special anecdotes. Based on these answers they will create for you a own personalized flavour that matches exactly your personality.

Not only can you buy tea flavours but also some other accessories to complete the tea experience. In this way the company really looks at the customer wants and needs and gives you the perfect product that they can produce. A good example of mass customization.

Shayan Khan

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