Eight realms of the multiverse

Dimitris already told us about the characteristics of experiences. You can divide an experience in two dimensions; participation and connection. Participation can be split in active and passive, and connection in immersion and absorption.

I find some additional information on this, Joseph Pine introduced the multiverse. This is a tool to gain insight about how we can use digital technology to create new en wonderous experiences that fuse together the real and virtual.

Reality is a trinity of time, space and matter. But there’s also a virtual based size, with no matter, no space and no time. Matter is about atoms, if there’s no atom it’s about bits. Space is about the real places we inhabit, but there’s also no space; the virtual world we explore.
Then we have time; the actual time that unspools in front of us. And you can have no time, it’s autonomous from the actual time.

We have time and no time, space and no space, and matter and no matter. This defines the eight different realms of the multiverse, it’s a more extensive model than the model we saw in class.

There are many examples to explain each realm, but I think this video provides good examples, it also summarizes the theory I discussed above.


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