Crowdsourcing, the future of the big firms

A couple of posts ago, Dimitris raised the question if there were any more examples of crowdsourcing. Mostly because the examples he gave where small initiatives. The fortune 500 firms didn’t really embraced the idea of crowdsourcing on a large prominent scale.

I found some examples of two different companies that use the idea of crowdsourcing.

The first example is Walmart. They are using the crowdsourcing idea to raise the idea for small product designers to get their products on the shelf.

The second example is the AOL website. They had a problem with the quality content of the site so they stated that they wanted to use cheap labor to help them maintaining their quality. AOL asked crowd workers to determine whether Web pages contained a video and to identify both its source and location on the page. This would saveup time and money.

The article also stated the financial benefits for companies to use crowdsourcing.

I am convinced that crowdsourcing is the future! It is the new co-creation model. Users/ consumers generate value, they get paid and get a high customer involvement with the company.

Shrikesh Sheorajpanday

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