Lay’s makes the taste

Everyone who is ever been to a supermarket will have seen the famous potato chips brand  Lay’s. The brand is marketed as a division of Frito-Lay, who is a company owned by PepsiCo.

Lay’s sells different kind of chips in every country depending on their culture and food taste. They also try to make it ‘healthier’ by baking it in sunseed oil and using less salt, because nowadays a lot of consumers are paying attention what they consume.

Lay’s also try to involve to consumer in the process of creating. Last year they introduce a competition between consumers to create a new flavour for Lay’s potato chips. The winner gets a price of 25.000 Euro and 1% of the sales turnover. The winner of 2011 was the ‘patatje joppie’ in the Netherlands. The battle for a new taste and winning the big price started again this year.

The battle is divided in different rounds. First of all, you need to think of a new unique taste with a catchy name and convince the jury why your taste would sell the best. Secondly all created forms of taste are going to battle with eachother and the people in Holland are going to choose the taste which they like. In the thirth round, will the jury pick the best 8 tastes and after that, the all the people can vote for there 2 finalist. The last step is choosing the winner!

It sounds maybe complicated, but what they really trying to do is to find the taste that will sell the best according the people in the Netherlands.



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