Hey people,

Last session Dimitris talked about the LinkedIn Alumni network for Consumer Channel Dynamics. I really like LinkedIn. It can be very useful and it is not like Facebook or Twitter. LinkedIn is not only a social network site, it also helps you to create a valuable network. I started to read some things about LinkedIn last year, and figured out that it can be helpful sometimes to deny some people, it is not about how big your network is, but how useful. Sometimes a smaller network can be more useful than very big networks.

I added a small movie about LinkedIn, because I saw some people not raising their hands when Dimitris asked if everybody used LinkedIn. The first time I was a little bit skeptical as well about LinkedIn, but now I think it is very helpful.

Next to this movie, there are some, really basic, but good tips & tricks to use LinkedIn, without putting a lot of effort into it:

  1. Make a complete profile, with a picture,
  2. Create a network (other students, colleagues, members of your sport team,
  3. When you invite somebody, stay personal with your invitation, add something special, or when you have spoken to somebody at for example a congress, mention you spoke that person at the time,
  4. Use the applications, it is easier to find people, and other people might be more interested in you,
  5. Become member of certain groups, groups who are relevant, so i.e. Consumer Channel Dynamics Alumni group
  6. Write down your contact details, so it is easier to contact you.
  7. Be aware what you post on LinkedIn. Do not put irrelevant information on it.

There is a Dutch expression: “Kennis is Macht, Kennissen zijn Machtiger” (translation: Knowledge is Powerful, but your Acquaintances are more Powerful).

So for the people who do not have LinkedIn yet, go for it! I think it is very useful! If you are interested I do have a book ‘How to Really Use LinkedIn’ in pdf


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