What shapes social media?

Looking for information on social media I found this really interesting video: Social Media in Plain English

It presents the forces that shape social media in a clear and funny way, illustrated by a simple example of the creation of different ice-cream flavors and how consumers emerged into the whole process.

I found really interesting the fact that it takes into account how crucial was the opportunity given to customers; to express their opinion through describing, rating and commenting on different flavors of ice-cream.

It was clear that in this way:

1. The product improved based on customers’ direct evaluations

2. Free customer reviews was more useful than costly advertising methods

3. Customers had the opportunity to get exactly what they wanted

The example used is paralleled with social media tools like blogs, video share or podcasts.

After watching the video carefully I was persuaded that-as it is mentioned-social media is a great opportunity for companies to create and communicate with people that care!


Fay Panagopoulou

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