Business Model Innovation: The Canvas method

The Business Model Canvas is developed by Alexander Osterwalder. The model is based on 9 building blocks. But what is a business model? According to Osterwalder: “A business model describes the value an organization offers to various customers and portrays the capabilities and partners required for creating, marketing, and delivering this value and relationship capital with the goal of generating profitable and sustainable revenue streams.”

The canvas method is something we (recently) apply in our foundation, I believe it’s a quite insightful tool. When I searched online for some additional info, I realized how popular this method is. Take a look at the youtube video and the (slideshare)links. In the first slideshare the music industry is described as we actually discussed in class (a few sessions ago).

Business Model Innovation Matters

Google Book Search example

Ipod example

Alexander Osterwalder has a blog ( where you can learn even more about this method.


3 thoughts on “Business Model Innovation: The Canvas method”

  1. Thanks Rajiv. Actually i was planning to give you a print of the Canvas today and tomorrow in the team meetings. I think it is a very interesting way to approach a business model (and quite in line with what we have discussed).

    Please update the links to slideshare because they do not work. I would love to see them.

  2. This Thursday I had an Inhouseday at DSM in Sittard. We had to solve a business case on supply chain management. How we had to do it? By using the canvas method!! As they use it for all their projects. haha. Great that this seminar had prepared me well for it.

    However, at Unilever the BOSCARD method is used for proposition of projects. See below for more info.

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